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CoPuppy WhitePaper

CoPuppy Introduction

CoPuppy Introduction

CoPuppy is the most attractive Metaverse project on BSC. The project includes collectibles, Games, finance, etc., constructing an open Puppy World. CoPuppy has a unique ecosystem and economic model, which combines the current popular mining, NFT, GameFi , Metaverse and other popular concepts, and innovates on this basis.
In the near future, CoPuppy will evolve into a large-scale decentralized Metaverse project containing multiple different ecosystems and projects.

CP Token Economic model

CP is the economic circulation token of CoPuppy. CP can be circulated in the Puppy World Metaverse. It is both a smart contract and a value support.

CoPuppy 3D Collection

Genesis Card

Genesis Card is the governance NFT of CoPuppy and the core element of Metaverse-"Puppy World". Genesis Card has 10 dog images, each of which has only one image, which is extremely scarce and valuable.
Puppies holding the Genesis Card NFT have the exclusive right to propose “Puppy World” governance. It is the only warrant for puppy community governance, owns basic rights and interests such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights. The Genesis Card is divided into four types: cyberpunk, knight, ninja and Viking warrior.

Share Card

CoPuppy Share Card contains 5 rarities: N, R, S, SR, SSR. N card can be obtained through CoPuppy airdrop campaign, R, S, SR, SSR can be obtained through Surprise Mystery Box.
Players who hold the Share Card can view it on the FARM-Equity NFT Farm-Share Card page, and automatically receive revenue.
Sharing cards: four different series, each series contains 4 different roles
Series 1: Fashion Series
Series 2: Cute pets Series
Series 3: Science Series
Series 4: Fantasy Series


Puppy can earn CKEY by depositing specific LP or farming on farms; You can also enter the crop pool and harvest the CKEY by saving the designated Single Token.

GameFi - Puppy Battle

All the puppies in the Coppy community believe that NFTs and the game are the best way to combine. For this reason, Coppy has launched the exclusive game “puppy Battle”.

Game introduction

The Copuppy battle consists of 100 puppies of different shapes, with a total of 10 different dog categories, as follows:
Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Alaska, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise
Among them, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug and St. Bernard are the four most influential gangs in “CoPuppy World”. Puppies can choose their favorite gangs and join them to help gangs get more rewards.
The first round of the dog fight will open the above four breeds of dogs, and 20% of the dog’s ticket income will be distributed to the holders of the Genesis Card.

Battle card NFT

The user can choose four different teams at the beginning, each team has different breeds, different genders, and different combat power dogs. These dogs have different enhancements to the entire team.
The following are the detailed parameters.
Please be sure to note that if you want to participate in the card game, you must lock the corresponding number of CP in the card. The number of CP tokens required for cards of different rarities are different. For details, please refer to the data map of Puppy Battle.
We will give rewards based on the length of time the dogs have participated in the game, and all dogs that meet the conditions can get different item bonuses.
In addition, the combat power can also be improved by upgrading the dog. The number of CP required for each dog’s combat power increase depends on the rarity of the dog.

Doggo Finance

We have opened a loan service for all users who hold equity cards (Genesis Card and Sharing Card). Now you can participate in loan with the above-mentioned cards. We will continue to improve dog financing. Please continue to pay attention to us.


Puppy World is composed of seven different regions, each of which has different functions and characteristics, and even the “gangs” in each region have their own merits.
In Puppy World, you need to pay close attention to the development of each region and their respective functions, so as to survive in this crazy world.

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